Sunday, May 29, 2016

Letting go off

Today, I decided to let go off old resentments, hurts and embrace life. It is such a fine feeling. It is almost a feeling of exhilaration. I reached out into the past and connected with people who had hurt me in the process I learnt to let go. I'm not forgiving as there is nothing to forgive. The people who had hurt my feelings did not care and did not ask for forgiveness. I have simply opened the chain around my heart and let feelings and emotions pour.
Trust me friends letting go is a great feeling. It is like surrendering to water ( to use an analogy from my favorite sport swimming), you are washed clean, refreshed and rejuvenated.
You reach out to life and embrace it and you are in a joyous mood. Singing and loving and ready to be loved.
When we enchain our heart with resentment we add bad cholesterol to our arteries and create blockages in our heart and when we learn to let go we breathe in fresh air and give a new supply of blood to our hearts.
Letting go is yoga, you remove all the pain and strain from your body and breathe deeply thus rejuvenating your body. All saints and visionaries advise us to let go. To love and be loved in return. If one allows one's soul to be washed clean one is ready to attain nirvana and what is nirvana but a sense of wholeness.
Letting go does this to you and more it teaches you to embrace life and in the process become one with God.

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