Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You feel I don't understand your pain

You feel I don't understand your pain.
The pain of lost moments,
a feeling of incompleteness
The futility of expecting
from a person who failed to understand you.
You an achiever
a dynamic personality
a vibrant person flowing through life like a river
gushing with energy at the bends.
He a weakling in spirit and physically.
Do you think you did justice to yourself by
bestowing all your love and warmth on an undeserving person
A man who did not understand the sense of completeness a woman requires.
No, dear you didn't do justice to yourself and others by wasting your inner self on
an undeserving soul.
Rise afresh and look around there are good men around you.
Yes, dear I understand that you hesitate and falter from
unrequited memories but believe me there are greener pastures just yonder
Just look around and reach out your hands.

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