Monday, November 25, 2013

Settling down in Mumbai

Settling down in Mumbai was not a matter of choice for me. It was a matter of compulsion. After my father's death, I moved to Mumbai as my brother and sister are settled here. This city has a lot to offer in terms of jobs, lifestyle and one of the best things about this city is people are friendly and helpful.
I have suddenly found friends beyond Facebook and I'm enjoying this. One thing that I miss about Pune is its cleanliness. Mumbai is full of trash. Even in the posh areas there is a pile of garbage.
If you can overlook the garbage and the endless struggle of people trying to make two ends meet, you can enjoy this city.
This city is compared to New York, I have never been to New York so I can't comment on it. Recently I visited Dubai and can honestly say that Mumbai doesn't come close to Dubai in comparison. The wide roads, the cleanliness and the superb infrastructure welcomes you to the city.
This post is  however about Mumbai and not Dubai so let me not digress. I have settled down in a small suburb in Mumbai and am very happy and at peace. Today I had fever so I didn't go to office so I have written two posts in one day.
This city has given me jobs that I love doing. I also like my lifestyle and the interesting conversations I have with my friends. Our group comprises of five people and each one is unique in their own way. This group of friends and the work I'm doing at office is the reason why I'm so happy and at peace. Very soon I shall write my book and the support I get from my friends and readers will see me through the process. Time to wind up the post more about Mumbai and my life in Mumbai later...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blissful time

Right now I'm having a blissful time thanks to my job and my friends. I thank God for having supportive people all around me. A supportive family, good friends and a job that provides a learning opportunity.
My company provides e-learning solutions to schools, students and parents. The job is peaceful as well as challenging.
I have an excellent set of friends and my shifting to Mumbai has proved lucky for me. I started my writing career as an SEO writer, but right now I'm doing something different and quite fulfilling. This post is going to be a short one as I don't have much to add. Just thought I would share my bliss with my readers. Work is 5 days a week and Saturdays and Sundays are off. That gives me time to spend with myself and my family and last time I said one should write from the heart and I still believe that.
There is a raunchy song blaring in the background. Thinking of changing the channel. I like old songs Hindi as well as western. Time to wind up the post next time I'll come up with a short story, come to think of it, I'll post one very soon. Maybe tonight or next weekend as I'm getting lot of free time. Thinking of reverting to teaching in my spare time. Please post your comments and let me know whether it is a good idea. Keep commenting and encouraging me to write. I've been so out of touch with writing lately. Posting once in 3-5 months is not really writing. That reminds me that I've to update my other blog too. I'm signing off catch you folks very soon.