Friday, August 28, 2015

Inner Voices

Voices sing in my head
I look for peace, absolute silence,
 but the voices continue to sing
I struggle, fight, deny the voices
saying they are not mine
but what do I do with thoughts that rage in my head
I look for peace
I long to submerge my head in water and feel fresh water wash over the thoughts in my head
Will this struggle ever end?
Will I find peace?
I look for answers, but alas the answer eludes me.

Life an uphill climb

I climb the uphill climb
this drudgery that is life
does not change
neither does it shed tears at its helplessness.
I look for choices to bring about a change
But the choice eludes me
slipping through my fingers like grains of sand.
I turn around and look for more options but alas none come my way
I try to stir the muse in me to add a poetic touch to my otherwise staid life
but alas it shows no reaction.
Oh God when will a change come my way
when will there be a respite from this burning pain.
When will I find fulfillment
Ah perhaps another day
I too will see the dawn of a new day...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Problems and lovemaking

Poetry flows from my heart and it warms the cockles of my very being
as I watch the intense lovemaking the lovers grappling with each other
 as a person grapples with his problems and just as a person finds the solution
and is overwhelmed with the discovery the lovers reach their culmination and
are overwhelmed.
I wonder at my thoughts and the analogy I have drawn
Then it strikes me that isn't the angst experienced by the lovers similar to the
state of mind of a person grappling with a problem.
The same anxiety to find a solution
I watch as the lovers push towards their culmination.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baking a cake

On Sunday my sister and I decided to bake a cake. The process took us back in time when we used to enjoy cooking. We were at an age when everything is new and learning to bake a cake from my work experience teacher was fun. She was so particular and would tell in detail why a cake had not turned out well. We had bought a round oven at home and did many experiments with baking. My sister used to bake a pie by mixing besan in the dough. It was a novelty and one can call it fusion cooking as it gave an Indian flavor to an otherwise western dish.
I can call the exercise almost therapeutic as it transported us back in time to the days when our family was a single unit. Everything was fun. Life was full of family and friends. I was studying in the 12th grade. Studies were important and a major chunk of our time went pursuing our studies.
Today there are no studies. Books have taken a backseat. I grew up in an era when reading books was a loved pastime. Life is not bad now but we miss the good old days when experimenting with cooking gave us thrills and an outing was a rare occasion which meant eating out. Today almost everyday we go out and the activity has lost its charm. How I wish the good old days would come back meanwhile I relive the moments listening to Carpenters, when I was young I listened to the radio waiting for my favorite song...