Friday, May 20, 2016

Barkha Dutt at the receiving end of misogynistic remarks

Today I read that the renowned TV anchor Barkha Dutt was at the receiving end of misogynistic remarks. It is a shame as the lady is dignified, intelligent, outspoken and does not warrant such vilification. Indians should hang their heads in shame as they can't tolerate an independent woman who speaks for various causes.
Most people feel that it is lack of education that is the root cause of such activities but believe me it is the Indian mindset that cannot see a woman who is living life on her own terms happy. I recall the remarks made by a colleague of mine on girls who are ready for the casting couch to further their careers as somebody who is giving her everything. While I agree that it is not right to use the casting couch to further one's career it also should not amount to giving one's everything. The vagina is an organ like any other and should not be treated as a place of worship.
It reflects a person's frustration and nothing else when he/she resorts to personal abuse to express their opinion.
I'm sure Barkha Dutt has not paid no heed to such remarks but I feel sad that our nation is not progressing from the level of vilification to vent out frustration.

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