Thursday, November 13, 2014


There's smoke in the air
I walk stupefied
For I just witnessed a horrendous sight
A thin weakling child clinging to an equally young mother
I wonder at God's justice
To the well fed he does not give children and to this beggarly girl ( I couldn't muster strength enough to call her a woman) a child at such a young age.
Why O God! this disparity
To one who cannot feed a child at such a young age and to those who can give all the joys of this world,
No children

Morning Walk

Today I went for a walk and at quarter to six am I saw a gentleman standing outside my building and smoking. I was shocked. How could somebody smoke at 5.45 am. This hour was to enjoy the fresh air. I wondered if he had seen the advertisement informing about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking and exposing others (  in this case me) to cigarette smoke. I passively inhaled the cigarette smoke and definitely caused harm to my lungs.
This made me think why do people smoke? It smells terrible. Gives out smoke which suffocates and I'm sure tastes bitter. Later on as I walked down the road I could smell dead rats lying beside the road. The stench emanating from them made me vomit. I wondered what was happening to the PM's campaign of a clean India. I say this because I was walking in a posh colony. If this was the state of affairs in a posh colony in Mumbai what would it be like in the middle class colonies. I had a bad start to my day today because of the smoker and the stench of dead rats. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. More musings later...