Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ecstasy and Anticipation

Lovers embrace
The sense of ecstasy that they feel while anticipating love
Is it felt in the culmination?
Is the anticipation on embracing greater than the ecstasy felt in culmination?
I wish someone would answer me and give respite to my wandering thoughts.
Thoughts that cling as the sweat clings to the brow and then falls off.
why do people chase love?
Is the culmination of love as magical as the anticipation of it?
O mind rest for your question shall not be answered.

New Horizons

New horizons beckon to me,
With thumping heart I make my way
through the maze of confusion
meandering pathways
Add to the ecstasy of finding  new horizons.
They say life is a journey
not a destination,
so, enjoy the journey and revel in the memories
created of moments felt through sensuous exploration of the journey.
The journey that is the search for new horizons which are beckoning to me
Come hither you wandering soul
Explore the pathways
and find your fulfilment.
I look eagerly at the pathway measuring the distance to be travelled in my mind.
The journey keeps me alive full of anticipation
I meander through the pathways looking surreptitiously at the moments created of
the experiences felt during the journey.
The pathway is long the journey is exhausting yet
I'm sure I shall attain nirvana once I have found new horizons.