Sunday, May 22, 2016

XII standard results

Once again the twelfth standard results are out and a girl who scored 74% is sad because she did not do well. My dear girl, marks are a mere record of how you perform on a particular day in three hours. You may have a headache or may not be feeling particularly well. So, marks are in no way an indication of your capability.
In our school days the toppers used to get 75% to 80% and were they in any way less than today's toppers who score 98% and higher, no in fact they had deep knowledge and even those who did not score so well did well in life.
My memory takes me back into the past and I recall my twelfth standard results where I had flunked in Chemistry. I actually wrote a story to vent out my unhappiness with my bad performance in my 12th standard exams. So my failure in exams gave rise to my creativity.
One of my friend who had also scored low marks in twelfth standard is a trainer and is doing very well in life.
One of my friend an IITian and a school topper told me that Laya, marks matter in school and college days. Later on in life if you are reasonably happy with what you are doing it is okay.
I scored 70% marks in English literature but I recall nothing of what I studied and am pursuing something far away from literature.
This rat race for marks is the bane of Indian culture, we as a culture are into two extremes either we do not educate the children and marry them off early or we push children into scoring high marks and force them into careers they do not like.
We are proud of Indians who are doing well in life but were they all school and college toppers, I doubt it.
Instead of pursuing marks you should  believe in unleashing your personality and develop your talents and passion and I would like to say that let us not make headlines out of how many marks a student has scored. Let us encourage children to pursue their true passion and let us respect all professions instead of madly chasing engineering and medical.
Let us take a vow that we will not laud the scores of any student whether he has scored 90% or less. Rather we will laud those who display a hidden talent and prove their capability to the world by pursuing their passion.

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