Thursday, November 13, 2014


There's smoke in the air
I walk stupefied
For I just witnessed a horrendous sight
A thin weakling child clinging to an equally young mother
I wonder at God's justice
To the well fed he does not give children and to this beggarly girl ( I couldn't muster strength enough to call her a woman) a child at such a young age.
Why O God! this disparity
To one who cannot feed a child at such a young age and to those who can give all the joys of this world,
No children

Morning Walk

Today I went for a walk and at quarter to six am I saw a gentleman standing outside my building and smoking. I was shocked. How could somebody smoke at 5.45 am. This hour was to enjoy the fresh air. I wondered if he had seen the advertisement informing about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking and exposing others (  in this case me) to cigarette smoke. I passively inhaled the cigarette smoke and definitely caused harm to my lungs.
This made me think why do people smoke? It smells terrible. Gives out smoke which suffocates and I'm sure tastes bitter. Later on as I walked down the road I could smell dead rats lying beside the road. The stench emanating from them made me vomit. I wondered what was happening to the PM's campaign of a clean India. I say this because I was walking in a posh colony. If this was the state of affairs in a posh colony in Mumbai what would it be like in the middle class colonies. I had a bad start to my day today because of the smoker and the stench of dead rats. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. More musings later...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


     The silence between us rings louder than any bell.
We stand there staring at each other but not a single word passes our lips
The silence is so palpable you could hold it with your hands
Why this silence you may ask, is it ego or shyness, hesitation?
There is electricity in the air the attraction between the two can be felt.
Yet there is silence, neither reaches out to the other with words or even hands.
Suddenly the train begins moving and all the attraction turns to dust.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Friends,
Please keep the comments rolling in. I see visitors from all over the world but for some reason they don't comment. Please leave some comments as to whether you like my blog. How are my stories and do buy my book from Amazon. This will encourage me to write further. I have views about so many things like friendship. Should one have few friends or make as many as possible. Should one share one's inner thoughts with few people or should one be an open book. I see celebrities on TV confessing their mistakes in front of millions of viewers. Does their life become difficult because of it or it remains the same and they feel lighter for having shared their problems with so many.
I like making lots of friends it makes life fun. I would love to get in touch with the readers of my blog please leave your comments and your contact information so that I can get in touch with you and in case you want to get in touch with me please contact me on laya.bajpai@gmail.com. Let this be a short post I will write more often now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Musings

I seem  to have stopped penning down my thoughts and just use my blog to write short stories. It is no longer my musings on life and other things. It is now my short stories about life. Well! I intend to get back to writing my musings. I was actually quite busy with office so I couldn't share my thoughts on anything. I now live in Mumbai, so life is busy. Very little time to think and share my thoughts.
My office keeps me busy so I am unable to think about other things. Though now I have connected with a number of friends from my school which was located in a small town I have very little time to socialize with them on facebook. Now I restrict myself to clicking like on my friend's posts. I attempted two poems also ( not my forte!) but I enjoyed writing them.
I will be writing more short stories and a book is in the pipeline. So lots of plans about life and this keeps me from writing also now I'm spending very little time on Linked in and reading other people's blogs, so I'm not reacting to anything. Well this is enough to start a conversation more musings later

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Shadow

As I stand there I feel a shadow walking out of me
Is it me or is it someone else in bright red lipstick?
I stare watching my shadow do her frolics
Is it me or someone else doing the antics?
Do I release myself through my shadow?
Or is it really another woman doing her show?
Thus thinking I walk on and as I’m about to hit a pole I come to my senses.

It is not my shadow, it is indeed someone else.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Smita Matures ( A short story)

Smita looked at the dark clouds, the weather was romantic. She interlinked her arms with Amol's and told him she wanted him to kiss her neck. They were in the marketplace, Amol was embarrassed by her request. He told her how could he comply with this strange request in the marketplace. Smita said she was just expressing her desire to comply or not was Amol's wish. So Amol gently bent and kissed her neck. She got turned on and began moaning gently. Amol straightened her and reminded her that the shopkeeper was looking. They walked hand in hand. Then went into a shop. Amol told her he wanted to buy a top for her. They had been seeing each other for a month and the prospect of a gift pleased her. She was not greedy but she saw it as a proof that Amol loved her. These were early days of their courtship and Smita liked the attention Amol showered on her.
Amol liked Smita's looks. He found her pretty and had told her so many times during their short courtship. Smita belonged to an affluent family whereas Amol was not so well off. He however was confident that by his hard work he would earn enough to manage  a comfortable living for both of them. He however had a problem his mother did not like Smita, whenever Smita called up at his house she used to give the phone to Amol but she used to make a face. Smita meanwhile was blissfully unaware of Amol's mother's feelings towards her. She thought his mom was very strict and was scared of her.
Amol meanwhile got a job in Australia and left forAustralia He ceased contacting Smita and this worried Smita. She would sit alone in her room and cry her parents were worried about her. They asked her to take up a job but Smita refused. She didn't like working. Amol had also asked her to take up a job but Smita didn't like working. She preferred staying at home and learning cooking.
Once Amol left somebody put Smita's phone number on a dating site and she started getting calls from men on the dating site. She wrote to Amol but he had totally changed he told her gruffly that if she didn't stop harassing him  he would break up with her. This upset Smita all the more but she held on to her tears and decided to teach Amol a lesson.
She totally cut off from Amol, took up a job and started working. Amol meanwhile visited India and contacted Smita. She told him that she was busy with her job and would like to break up with him because her parents were annoyed with him. Amol was taken aback. He had thought he was very special to Smita and she would tolerate anything he did. He said sorry and begged to meet her. Smita met him on one condition that he would not try to woo her further.
After much fuss Smita gave Amol a time and told him that she would like to break up with him. She respected her family too much and would not go against her parents wishes. Amol was taken aback. He had thought that Smita would be very much impressed with him as he had been to Australia. But Smita didn't care, she just remembered how he had changed since he left for Australia. She wondered whether success changed everybody then she thought of Mohan her office friend who was successful and also from an affluent family but had never treated anybody rudely. Mohan was married and had a cute two year old kid. He was Smita's colleague.
Smita decided to continue with her job and not pin all her hopes for happiness on marriage. She allowed it to happen and her parents were happy with her.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the crossroads of life

I’m standing at the crossroads of life
                                       Dithering between moving forward or staying rooted to a spot.                       
                                        Looking fondly at the past.
                             The past that holds myriad emotions
                                like a looking glass reflects various images.
                           I choose to feel ashamed of my thoughts
                       I’m standing at the crossroads of life.
                 Marching forward is what the world guides you to do
             But the wretched strings of the heart ask you to stay rooted to a spot
Reflecting myriad images of the past .

I am standing at the crossroads of life. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Readers,
Some of you might be missing my stories on my blog. I have compiled them in a book and published them on kindle. Here is the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M8AZCHG. Read the book and write a review. I look forward to reader response. Meanwhile I will be adding new stories to my blog. Some of them may have a personal note and others might be my observations of life. I'm planning to base a story in Dubai as I'm going to visit Dubai in Dec.
I have observed life very closely and have been impressed by people I came in contact with. Whether it was the girl whose father didn't allow her to study beyond tenth grade or the girl who left school after sixth grade.
I have also met many guys and their views of life and attitude towards girls has inspired my stories. More stories to come your way keep reading my blog.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear Friends,
I have published some five stories in this blog. I want to compile them into a book and reach out to more readers.How is the idea? Please give suggestions. I enjoy writing and most of my stories spurt from my experiences in life.
For me writing is a compulsion. It makes me feel better after I have written something and I get readers from far and wide. Really the internet is a wonderful medium it connects you to people from far and wide places. In my childhood when there was no internet I had written a story and then torn it for want of readers. I'm thinking of rewriting that story. It is a very simple story but I think I should add it to my collection.
I want to travel far and wide and add to my experiences. One of my friend is on a visit to the USA I want to meet her and hear about her experiences. I already have updates from my sister who was in the US for five months.
This is going to be a short post as I usually intersperse my stories with a general post so that I keep talking to my readers directly apart from through my stories.
Last October I visited Dubai but it was a short visit and I couldn't collect enough experiences except from visiting tourist places. The Dessert safari was fun so was the visit to the Burj Khalifa. I'll try and weave a story around Dubai as I will be visiting the place again.
More later,