Monday, July 9, 2012

Write from your heart

This post is inspired from a fellow scribe's post. The writer says that many of us stop updating our blogs after some time, because there is a total lack of ideas. The reason for this is we are looking for approval while writing. We don't dare to write what comes to our heart and mind. We are too worried about what other people will think. The writer dares you to put your honest thoughts on to your blog. Do not worry about criticism, it only means your post was read and it provoked the reader enough to form an opinion.Give people the chance to appreciate the real you, even if your posts sound tell-tale or you are exposing your real personality to the public. Let people see the real you and appreciate the real you. We all appreciate the people who speak the honest truth irrespective of the consequences. Pour your heart into what you are writing and show a total disregard for criticism. Write from your heart.