Friday, March 12, 2010

Expressing one’s thoughts

Today somebody wrote to me, and asked, for how long I had been freelancing. While the answer to that may not provide an answer to how long I have been writing, because I might have started off as a freelancer just recently but I began writing long ago.


For people who completed their education some 20 years ago, writing meant writing exceptionally well. Unless one expressed one’s thoughts like the great literary masters and used ostentatious language with difficult words, one dare not think of writing.

I recall I wrote a short story after my 12 std exam, but I tore the paper after I finished the story as I thought it wouldn’t be approved by anybody, as the language I had used was far from what is considered perfect English. It was more my emotional outburst.

I often used to write down things I couldn’t verbally express as I felt that way I could let out my feelings. I later wrote another story and also used to pen down everything that bothered me.

I would also form short poems and then tear of the book or diary. So I feel for people like me, the online medium is a blessing. Every time something bothers me I come here and rave and rant :) I’m not bothered if somebody reads or not. At least I have expressed my thoughts.

For people who do not like the new medium where everybody expresses their thoughts  I don’t have much to say, but for people who want to express themselves I would say, use this medium, it helps in venting out your thoughts.

Use it like your easel and paint with your words and surely you will find some takers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog Versus Website.

Today I read Victoria Meyer’s blog, interesting content. Her blog reads like a personal diary. Which is what I thought blogs were till I came across blogs that have professional content.

Technically speaking, do blogs differ from Websites in any way? I mean there are sites that allow you free web-hosting and even blogs can have paid domains, then what is the difference between the two? Even blog sites allow you to customize and many blogs actually look like websites.

While the critics of blog writing, who think one should not write personal details and expect people to read it, do not like the concept of blog writing. I for one love it. There was a time when I would pen down all the thoughts crowding my mind and then tear off the page. Today my blog allows me to happily rave and rant and some people actually like that and want to share their views and as always they also give their perspective on things which often sheds new light on any particular issue.

I think the first blog that I read was Amitabh Bachchan’s blog, that is what made me think that a blog is like a personal diary and even the format actually has the nature of a personal diary, but then I do not mind how people use their blog. It basically is their own and they could even have professional content or any kind of tips they would like to offer to the reader. Even if you want to share your favorite recipes or you pet peeves.

If one is focused on making money out of the blog then it is a different thing and wants traffic to the blog, I guess one has to focus on what others want to read and maybe stuff their blog with keywords. Either way it is fine.

Let me know what you think about the concept of blog writing? Do you think people should put personal details or thoughts in their blogs and should they be criticized because their aren’t enough takers for their content?