Thursday, July 31, 2014

At the crossroads of life

I’m standing at the crossroads of life
                                       Dithering between moving forward or staying rooted to a spot.                       
                                        Looking fondly at the past.
                             The past that holds myriad emotions
                                like a looking glass reflects various images.
                           I choose to feel ashamed of my thoughts
                       I’m standing at the crossroads of life.
                 Marching forward is what the world guides you to do
             But the wretched strings of the heart ask you to stay rooted to a spot
Reflecting myriad images of the past .

I am standing at the crossroads of life. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Readers,
Some of you might be missing my stories on my blog. I have compiled them in a book and published them on kindle. Here is the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M8AZCHG. Read the book and write a review. I look forward to reader response. Meanwhile I will be adding new stories to my blog. Some of them may have a personal note and others might be my observations of life. I'm planning to base a story in Dubai as I'm going to visit Dubai in Dec.
I have observed life very closely and have been impressed by people I came in contact with. Whether it was the girl whose father didn't allow her to study beyond tenth grade or the girl who left school after sixth grade.
I have also met many guys and their views of life and attitude towards girls has inspired my stories. More stories to come your way keep reading my blog.