Monday, July 2, 2018


I haven't written anything this year and already 6 months have passed. A lot has happened in my life like I went to Singapore and Bali in March 2018. It was a fantastic trip. I experienced different cultures and came across Hindus who were so different from us, though they worshipped the same Gods.
The trip was full of adventures. We almost lost our passports but luckily we didn't lose them. We thanked God for places like Kailash Parbat, an Indian chain of restaurants that caters to Indian vegetarians. When vegetarian food was scarce this place was our respite. I realized how difficult it is to travel the world as vegetarians. I wondered how we would survive in places like China and Japan? Maybe my friends Manisha Kundu Nagata and Kumar Sharma could shed some light. Because they live in these countries and Kumar is even a vegetarian.
At home, I spend my time looking for jobs as I have lost my job and new jobs are hard to come by. Life is racing at full speed and as I look back I realize I have indeed come a long way. It has been eight years since my father passed away and also since I moved to Mumbai. I was greeted with open arms when I came to Mumbai and I was getting jobs at every place I walked into. But now the field is dry and jobs are hard to come by. Life is at crossroads where I have to take a turn and move on. I have to learn to flow with the tide. With these thoughts raging in my head I rest my pen for the time being. More musings later on...

Friday, December 8, 2017

The evening walk

I set out on my regular walk. During my daily evening walk, I covered a distance of about 5 kilometres. This was not an exercise for me, but actually my way of seeing the outside world. I was young, barely 15 years old, going on 16. Life seemed interesting and exciting. So many things to see. Familiar and unfamiliar faces to encounter. Some of the people I met were known to me. Some were familiar faces as they were people whom I did not know personally but encountered daily or frequently during my 5-kilometre long walk. Among these faces, there was a young Russian gentleman, whom I fancied. He was quite tall. About 6 feet in height. Ruddy complexion. I assumed he was an aeronautical engineer. I encountered him in the vegetable market. The Russians had come to HAL near Nasik to work on the MIG 21 fighter plane which was purchased from Russia. I used to encounter many Russian couples in the vegetable market. This gentleman however always seemed alone. He looked around 22-24 years old. He did not notice me but I would blush every time I saw him. My fancy for this gentleman remained a dream as he never noticed me.
Very soon my father got transferred to another station and this was the end of my crush.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fifty shades of grey my viewpoint

Some time back I took to reading Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel by E L James. Well to put it simply the book is a test of your intelligence. From one lovemaking scene to another the plot moves on. Sad to say I found it difficult to finish the book. The plot so far as I read it is deplorable. A control freak man makes a horrendous proposition to a 21-year-old self-respecting woman. How she accepts it is indeed a test of your wits. The titillating lovemaking scenes are not worth reading. To put it simply the book is a real drag. I have yet to finish the book, wondering how I will finish the book. The only curiosity that drives me to read the book is to know why Christian Grey became such a control freak? Is it because he was seduced by one of his Mom's friends at 15 and who should have known better what would be the effect of her effrontery on the young boy. It seems in the earlier relationship ( between Christian's Mom's friend and Christian Grey) he was the submissive in the sexual games and in the latter relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, Anastasia was supposed to be the submissive. The fellatio described between Anastasia and Christian Grey is supposed to be a high point in their otherwise sadomasochistic relationship. It is difficult to figure out how a man who is otherwise protective and caring could be such a control freak. There is a lack of balance in the characterization. I hope to finish the book and maybe the end will shed some light on why E L James undertook the exercise of writing such a book. Till where I have read the book it is deplorable. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Complete Woman

A woman I am wavering and moist.
Shaken by the triflest of turmoils.
Yet I am strong from inside,
Though soft as butter I appear from outside.
Life is an uphill climb for me at times.
When I choose to make things tough for myself.
It is a downhill spree when I am happy and full of high spirits,
I am a happy woman though at times I choose to be down in the dumps.
Is it always my choice how life appears to me?
I think so and so it is.
I make hell of heaven and heaven of hell,
By choosing to interpret or misinterpret things.
I have mood swings and I throw temper tantrums.
I am a woman of all colours.
Representing all shades of life.
I celebrate myself as a woman who is not perfect.
Neither do I want to be perfect.
What I want to be and I am is a complete woman.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bespectacled me

Bespectacled me, Bespectacled me
Peering through my glasses at the world
What do I see?
Sharp clear pictures, clear images
Do I also see the mind's eye?
Nay I see not, the inner mind of anyone.
I only see sharp clear images of the self and the world.
Oh! How I wish I could see further.
Take a peek into another world.
How I wish my bespectacled self could see far beyond the eye can reach.
My inner vision can see my mind's eye.
But alas! no way to see the mind's eye of my fellow beings.
Bespectacled me, Bespectacled me
reach out to the souls of those around you which is visible in the eye.
The clear bespectacled vision gives a clearer perspective and
I am able to reach out to the souls visible through the bespectacled vision.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Ah! Womenfolk, the enigmatic inhabitants of this world.
Many a poet has spent his pen in unraveling this enigma.
Are they truly enigmatic characters?
Or are they humans of flesh and blood?
Absolutely emotional characters.
Do they ooze charm and enigma?
Or are they victims?
When I think of all the women who work hard day and night.
Toil for their family and happiness of their husband and children
Do enigma and charm remain in their souls?
Or they become victims of the society?
Forced to lead a life, not of their choice.
But of society.
They do what is expected of them.
Rather than what they want to do.
In their toil to complete the household chores,
Does their hidden talent go waste?
Do they think about using all their reserve of strength to express their inner selves?
Yes, I am talking about  millions of women who inhabit this earth,
Who spend their day and night toiling for their family.
Not the lucky few who have the chance to become enigmatic
but the millions who bare their souls to keep their family together.
Who are the truly enigmatic women the toilers or the lucky few who ooze charm and enigma?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Happy Me

As I go through my writings,
I sift the content to separate the grain from the chaff
Poems written in half stupor or as the mood took me
I look for fine lines and beautiful thoughts.
They are aplenty in my writings but so are the chaff
Poems or stories, written in a huff
Do I regret the lamenting of my mind
No, I don't because those were the words that released me
Gave me a respite from thoughts roaring in my head.
Today I am a calm soul
Happy with myself and satisfied with life.
This stage I have reached by blurting out all the noises raging in my head.
Today I am at peace with myself and the world.
I look back at the road traversed and wonder
Have I indeed come a long way?
Maybe I have
and the sense of peace I feel is from goals reached and words
written on paper. This is me, the real me the calm soul
the rested mind and the happy being.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The lesson of life

As I walked down the hill
lost in my reverie.
Noticing some and ignoring some sights and sounds.
The sight of an insect sticking to the stem of a green plant
held my interest.
The myriad hues of the insect contrasted with the greenness of the plant and leaves
Created a beauty of its own.
Mesmerized by the sight I stopped to observe the insect
I wondered at its lifespan
Short, colorful and interesting.
It did not harm anybody (maybe the plant it was feeding on)
It did not go through highs and lows of life.
Yet, it had a risk to its life, which would further shorten the already short lifespan of the insect.
Maybe a deadly pesticide or maybe somebody's crushing hands.
Unperturbed by the lurking dangers the insect went about its routine.
Do we humans also have the resilience of the insect?
Do we also beautify the environment?
Go about our routines unperturbed.
Unfazed by the lurking dangers.
Alas no! we dirty the environment
Try to destroy every threat to our already long lifespan.
I wish we could learn a lesson or two from the insect.
We could also beautify the environment and cause little harm to it.
We could also blend with nature and not destroy it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Difficulties and inspiration

As I look yonder I see a mountain hill
Why do people compare difficulties with climbing a mountain?
No doubt, it is difficult to climb a mountain and therefore I think the analogy,
But after climbing the mountain, you get a breathtaking view
Is this true about difficulties too?
Does facing difficulties brings its rewards, not necessarily.
Sometimes you get rewards and at other times brickbats.
So should you face difficulties with a smile?
What if the outcome is brickbats?
But to think like an optimist--what if the outcome is breathtaking view?
Face difficulties with a straight face as they come.
Without looking yonder whether you will get rewards or brickbats.
Because the wisdom of life says--whatever you get roses or brickbats it will make you a better person.
Sweeter if you get rewards and tougher if you get brickbats.
So climb the hill of life, you never know what you will get.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Are we abreast with the times?

I have often heard people say that children these days are very smart, they play with technology. No doubt, children are smart and the future is theirs. But what about the present? To whom does it belong? Are you getting my drift? Yes, it belongs to us--people in their 20's and 30's and 40's and 50's and 60's and so on. The present is ours. Are we abreast with the times? Do we use technology in our day-to-day lives? These are some of the concerns I want to raise through this post. Have we become like the older generation who had given up and left every new thing for the future generation or are we in tune with the latest ideas and technology and are incorporating it fully into our lives?
Do you use the latest technology in your house, in your office and personal life? Is your kitchen choc-a-bloc with the latest utilitarian gadgets? Let's change that not choc-a-bloc, but at least has all the required gadgets and are you using them? Is your computer fully updated and do you use IT judiciously?
I have come across some teachers who use technology in their teaching to make their lessons more interesting for the learners. They are ensuring that the future generation will be using technology to make life easier and also make it better. But the best part is that they themselves are using technology in the present. They know how to make the best use of smartphones and use the technology at their disposal to make their lessons more interesting and easy to learn for their learners. These people are truly abreast with the times. They are not negative thinkers who do not use technology because of the hazards associated with it? Just think if all of us were afraid of the computers, you wouldn't be reading my post today and my thoughts would just stay bottled inside me.I want to reach out to all the negative thinkers who are afraid of technology and avoid using it. Please think of the benefits that technology has brought into our lives and made it easier and better and start using technology judiciously.