Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How times have changed?

Today I read about a Leukemia patient being cured and I was filled with awe. Way back in 1983, one of my schoolmates had died of Leukemia and it was so tragic. Today even a patient of lung cancer has been cured and is living a normal life. It is amazing how medical science has advanced.
Medical science never ceases to surprise me. In my childhood, a patient of schizophrenia was labeled as mad and ridiculed. Today they are leading normal lives, doing jobs and participating in normal activities and the society around them has accepted the fact that the patient has schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder. India has really advanced.
I have heard that in America it is considered normal to see a counselor or psychiatrist if you are faced with a mental disorder. People do not look down upon them and it is considered a disease like just any other that can be cured. In India, we are still fighting for getting medical insurance for psychiatric patients. We still have a long way to go. I want this post to reach far and wide in India so that attitudes change and people start accepting all ailments as just another medical problem that can be cured.
Let's start a movement for treating all patients normally and accepting them in society without raising eyebrows. Karan Johar in his recent book, an Unsuitable Boy, has admitted to seeing a psychologist for depression, he has admitted to taking medicines for his problems. We need more and more such people to come forward and admit to the world that they have a problem and are taking medications for it and let's start accepting all patients as human beings who could suffer from ailments.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights don't mean you are thinking of someone.
They often mean you are thinking of so many things.
Thoughts rush in through all windows--the mind's eye, the two eyes, ears
Every possible pore in your body is active and refuses to let you sleep.
Sleepless nights are when you watch TV in the middle of the night
Write poetry at 2 am and still your body refuses to sleep.
Sleepy days are an outcome of sleepless nights.
Both go hand in hand.
How do you find respite from sleepless nights.
The tired body and mind refuse to rest and you long for the knotted feeling in your stomach to release.
At the end of a sleepless night you rush to sleep
Receive some respite from the tiredness of your body and soul.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Today we were cleaning our shelves. In the process we discovered old albums. Pictures of 90's and the following decade. These were our family pictures when we were young and our father was alive. While rummaging through the pictures my sister remarked, was I ever this young? The remark set my thought process rolling. Do we miss our days when we were younger? I think we miss the beautiful times we had together. Going on outings, shopping, cooking and eating out. These are things we are still doing and life is more relaxed. So, what do we miss? I think it is the presence of our father, who was in his sixties at that time and still lived life like a young man. He drove a scooter, did shopping for the house, looked after our pets and lived a full life.
I want to grow old like him, graceful and able till the very end of his life. I want that I should be walking on my own feet, till I'm dead.
Does nostalgia hit me every time I look at old pictures? Yes and no. Yes, because I do remember the beautiful old times and no my nostalgia is not limited to old pictures. Old friends, old cards, old e-mails do this to me. I think of the beautiful times we spent together. Not necessarily as young people but as happy people at all ages. I know that change is the only constant in life so dear soul move on the path till the very end, happy and cheerful.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New experiences

One step at a time
One new experience at a time
New souls, new meetings,
Each one promises to embrace me with love, emotion and kindness.
Whispers in my ears of promised love
Make my mind dither to embrace the promised love
Or to move on a solitary soul
And never forget the lessons taught to you in childhood
songs like walk alone ring in my head.
The promised love pulls my heart strings,
But fear of unrequited love and remarks like it was an inexplicable phenomenon
Pull me back to my senses.
Sleepless nights and sleepy days add to the angst.
Oh lord give me some respite,
I too deserve peace.