Monday, May 16, 2016

An incident from school days

This particular incident took place when I was in the 6th grade. Our SST teacher, Mr. Verma had assigned our class a project. He asked us to make maps of several countries. We all made our projects and submitted it. One student of our class, Lata made a beautiful project. It was hard to imagine how a child of 6th grade could make such beautiful diagrams, but then some people are gifted. I believed that she had made it herself and also wanted to emulate her.
Our teacher also believed that she had made it herself and gave her a score of ten on ten, However one student in our class couldn't digest the fact that one of his classmates had made such a beautiful project. He went to our teacher and told him that Lata had not drawn the diagrams and her father who was a draughtsman in Air force had done the project work for his daughter.
Now, our teacher was in a fix. He had assigned a score of ten on ten to the girl and when questioned, Lata swore that she had made it herself. She even began crying to prove the veracity of her statement. Our teacher told her to draw the maps in front of him. The girl could not do so. She said that in her home she could draw the diagrams as there was space and it was peaceful. In class she couldn't do it as there was disturbance. Maybe she was telling the truth or maybe she was lying, however our teacher changed her scores and gave her lower scores. To this day I remember the incident as it had left a deep impact on me and I had believed that Lata had drawn the diagrams herself.  I Don't know what the truth was and to this day wonder whether the girl had made the project herself or her father had helped her. More stories of my impressionable years in my blog later...

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