Monday, August 24, 2009

Which animal do you identify with and why?

Have you ever wondered which animal do you identify with and why do you identify with that particular animal? This question was put forward in a group discussion once and each member who was participating gave one example. One guy stated that he identified with a dog as it is loyal and faithful, always eager to learn and a great companion. One gentleman said that he identified with an elephant because of its size and the fact that it looked majestic. One person said he identified with a lion and he would like to tame it and keep it as a pet.
One of the participant's even stated that she identified with a cat as she was a female and the cat is a feline creature, she further added that a cat is clean , elegant and graceful just like a female and the cat nurtures and lets go again like a female. Interesting answers! have you ever wondered why there is this trend to liken human behaviour to animal traits?
Recently I read this article about how one can attract all kinds of readers to one's blog. There too readers were grouped into animal types. It made for interesting reading and I'll try and summarize what I read. The writer had divided readers into four types:
The first type was of people who always look for what they can get out of reading that article. More like what is in it for me? this kind was called the cat type.
The second type was of the kind who learn by practice, trial and error; such people would thrive on there being activities for them to do. This type was called the dog type.
The third type was the analytical type, so for them there should be illustrations and examples, for this class of readers you should sound like an expert so that they can repeatedly come to you. This type was likened to rats.
The last type was the monkey type of readers who ripped the writers work and made it their own. This kind of readers according to the writer were always interested and would always leave interesting comments.
The writer summed up his article stating that no reader was predominantly one animal type most had the traits of all types. The best way to attract readers is to have general discussions leave a few loose ends for others to comment on...

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