Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On days when you are feeling low, disheartened and perhaps feel that nothing will work out right for you, has it happened that a sudden event or a quote that you happen to read has suddenly brightened your day and filled you with renewed vigour for life, even if the thought is as commonplace as, Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win."
I recall an incident that happened several years ago I was working in the sales field and the job was high pressure with daily targets that had to be met, the moment you entered the office the boss would ask, did you get any cheque? How much is the amount? On one such day when I went from office to office and couldn't get a single payment, I had become totally disheartened and was wondering did I complete my education for this kind of work? I went to an office where I was asked to wait at the reception and there on the receptionist desk was this thought....that ended with Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win , at the risk of sounding cliched I can say that suddenly I was filled with hope and when I went in to meet the company boss, I presented my product with renewed enthusiasm and definitely got better results.

Often in life when you are just about to give up this sudden moment comes that pulls you back right in, it could be a friend you meet, a stranger who gives you advice or even just a child who smiled at you.
More on life and times later....

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