Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SEO content for websites !

Its been a long time since I updated my post. Let me write about my life as it is now.
As a content writer I'm constantly faced with job assignments where the client asks me to write articles that are keyword rich. I can say not very difficult. Keyword density required can be 2-2.5%. What is difficult is they want it to flow naturally with the content. At times this can be done at times it is difficult. Content should be full of information and all this for a payment of $1.
To add insult to injury(unsure whether I have used the most appropriate phrase!) they want it within specified time on topics which you know nothing about! The article should be original, it should not be plagiarised! Nobody specifies how are you supposed to write on gift items available in the USA, when you know nothing of their culture. You will have to borrow ideas. Even Shakespeare borrowed plot.
You have to do all this in 1 hour. Phew!
But I guess this is the case with any profession. Do this and that and that and I'll pay you peanuts and those peanuts I'll delay for as long as possible.
Well enough cynicism for today........More musings later.

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