Monday, August 17, 2009


Let me begin my blog by briefly introducing myself and the reasons why I forayed into the field of creative writing.
I have worked in diverse fields, starting from teaching, sales, the BPO industry and finally I have begun Content Writing. Most of my jobs happened by chance, that is, I was looking for something else and had to take up these jobs due to financial needs. Well I'm sure the cynic in everybody would say, "A rolling stone gathers no moss", I certainly won't refute that, but, it has certainly given me some enriching experiences. It enabled me to meet people from diverse backgrounds, understand them their views and most importantly the reflection of their background in their views. When I was teaching, I found people I was working with to be conservative, set in their way of life and they had fixed beliefs. It was a world of old people. You were always old, irrespective of your age as you were handling children.

Sales was of course about hardcore sales, aggressive marketing strategies and payments that took a long time to come through. As far as the BPO industry is concerned it is a young industry. Everybody is young, irrespective of their age. It is night shifts and hectic routines, high target pressure, FM in cabs, hearts breaks and love stories told and retold.To sum it up I can say that these experiences prepared me for the future.
I think my foray into the field of content writing is sure to enrich me further with more experiences. I hope to make my mark in this world and create a niche for myself.
This is just a beginning so see you folks around.

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