Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was communicating with a famous American novelist, Mr Stephen Levy and he mentioned that he had visited India way back in 1985, that remark sent me on a trip down the memory lane. I recalled how relatively simple life was then. The communication media had not made a major breakthrough. The world was not a global village and media like television had just begun to make a social impact.
Life was comparatively peaceful and maybe a bit dull as well. Evenings were all about hanging around with friends. With no cell phones and even few landline connections, people communicated more on a one to one basis. The interactions were more humane. Celebrities were venerated as they made rare television appearances unlike today where you bump into them everywhere either in person or on one of the numerous television channels. Today people communicate with the western world on a regular basis, back then, it was limited to the odd visit to some foreign countries or if some professional would visit India to impart technical know how. Enough reminiscence for today more later.


  1. Laya is one of the most talented writers i have met. We need more talented writer like laya here in the United States. She is the gem of India!

  2. Laya- you've created a wonderful piece of art and insighful musings. Looking forward to so many more from you!
    All the best,