Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does a near death experience transform you?

A difficult question to answer, as most of us have been in moments when we had near death experiences. A serious illness or maybe a serious accident that was averted. Do these events in any way change the way we look at life?
It is often said that if a person is too passive, make them walk the edge, does it always affect them?
From my near death experiences, I can’t say I have changed a bit. I also know that people around me too changed for a short while, after some time everything became the way it was.
So why do people say that a near death experience or a brush with death changes you? Do people suddenly expect you to start eating only healthy food, exercise regularly. Become nice to mean people. Start loving what you hate or saying that you love it even though you hate it?
What do people expect from you? How do they expect you to change? I would love it if somebody were to explain, why is near death experience so important.
While I do understand that many people develop the attitude of catching the bull by the horn, when it comes to dealing with life after they have a brush with death. I doubt if it is true about everybody.
What do you think? Do you feel it changes you or it changes you only for some time and afterwards everything becomes the same? Please keep the comments rolling in…more musings later….


  1. Oh yes, a near-death experience can help you see how amazing it is to be alive. In that sense, it's a rare tool that especially those who live by adventure can experience. It's a rare opportunity (hopefully it's rare) that can be utilized to its fullest by the person who experiences it. It's a sort of awakening, and a looking within.

  2. Thanks for sharing your views Patty!I do agree with you that a near death experience can on occasion can make you realize the importance of life, but I have also seen people, who wish they were dead anyway.It is sad but it is true.