Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The beauty of Twitter

Let me be honest when I  first heard of Twitter I wasn’t actually looking forward to it. I would keep reading about Twitter on online discussion forums and occasionally thought of checking it out, but then decided against it. One day I decided to sign up for Twitter; the moment I signed up, I found some bot like profiles following me. I was disappointed; went and blocked them.
I  had just one or two followers and I was following about 4-5. I didn’t like what I saw  there and decided not to get very active on Twitter. One day I saw a discussion on Women 2.0 a group on Linked in, about Twitter. I decided to check it. Thanks to Angie Chang, who initiated the discussion, I suddenly discovered the beauty of Twitter. She asked people to introduce themselves and their Twitter profile. Suddenly I was following many and also found many following me.
I would compare Twitter to a big marketplace( don’t know if you like the analogy) where fine goods are on array, just pick and choose what you like, you can also sample some. The number of interesting links and thoughts that people tweet also the interesting conversation that goes on is a lot of fun.
One can also compare it to a big party where you can interact with many and move on. There is no obligation to follow somebody or interact with people you do not wish to. In fact you can follow people who are not following you and vice-versa.
I would also recommend Tweetdeck as one of the coolest applications to use for Twitter. Some more Twitter tips include, retweeting other people’s tweets that you like and sharing your thoughts. I also recently learnt the use of the #hashtag. It is used to search for a particular thing. Enter #hashtag followed by that particular word, for instance, use #writer and do a Twitter search you will find all tweets on that topic. You can also communicate with people following that hashtag. You can reply to anybody even those who are not following you. Follow famous news readers to follow the latest news. You also have a chance of expressing your opinions.  I would suggest that you have fun with Twitter more than anything else.

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