Monday, February 15, 2010

Can Charisma be cultivated?

This post is a spin-off from Michael Maynard’s blog post. Excuse me Michael! :) I could say, I’m just extending your discussion on my blog. Let me link it to your blog, so that others can read it too.
His post discusses how charisma can be your key to success. He begins his article by discussing what is charisma, and says that most people tend to like charismatic people. I would agree with him on this one-- but-- would also like to add that charismatic people often tend to invite envy from those around them.
I completely agree with him that integrity and values could add to the charisma that a person exudes.He goes on to argue that we behave in a certain way that makes people like us. While this is true to some extent-- I feel if this is a cultivated quality, it may make the person a bit superficial; which wouldn’t in any way add to his charisma. It is almost like, if people say, “you look good in blue,” you start wearing it everyday. Suddenly people start getting bored with you. So does it mean one shouldn’t have the qualities he has mentioned? I would say, one should have, but, they should be ingrained in your personality, so much so that people say— “it’s you.” This could be true of integrity or righteousness.
Let me explain my point further; if you are righteous it shouldn’t be because you got rave reviews, but, because you just can’t be any other way. It means that you are uncomfortable without those values. This brings us to having a certain consistency of character.I can say that as a person I really like people who show consistency of character; would stand by what they think is right under all circumstances, yet, are not averse to admitting that they are wrong; if proved otherwise.
Michael also mentions some pointers to developing a charismatic personality, I do agree with some, like being hygienic, being decently dressed and of course not being coarse in one’s mannerisms.
He also feels that to make one’s conversation interesting and funny, which according to him should include, “double entendres, innuendos,” I’m not sure I agree on this one unless your idea of being funny means free rides. :) Let’s consider President Obama, for instance, he sure exudes charisma—almost everybody would agree with me on this one-- why is that? Is it his conversation, his speeches or the fact that he seems to have a deep conviction in whatever he says and does. I believe a person if he deeply believes in whatever he does exudes oodles of charisma, as against a person, who does things either to get rave reviews or to spite somebody else.
According to the OALD( Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) Charisma is,
“the powerful personal quality that some people have to attract and impress other people.”
Which essentially means that this is a personal quality  and has a lot to do with having a personality. I would say being oneself, having good values, being funny without being rude and having an open and flexible attitude in life would go a long way in adding to your charisma.
Please let me know what you think is charismatic? More Musings later…


  1. Thanks for the link. I think charisma can be cultivated but it needs at it's heart integrity and that can be decided on and people can reform and re-invent themselves. It can appear false and that is why it has to be developed slowly one step at a time. It can slowly lead to more success and success breeds success.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for commenting. I agree that people can definitely re-invent and reform themselves, hopefully this exercise ends up in a genuinely charismatic personality. I doubt if anybody is really attracted by fake personas, but as the present times are, I do see people with little or no integrity succeeding, so may be it's all about a makeover:)

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