Monday, December 7, 2009

Zodiac Signs and Personality Traits

I'm sure everybody has read one or the other book on the occult sciences. I do not wish to dispute the veracity of these sciences but I do wish to know how relevant are they? Every time I have attempted to question somebody who has a vast knowledge on the subject or those who practice or follow, the sciences, I have either found people who try to confuse you when they don't have an answer or try to exploit the fear factor.

Is it really possible to divide the vast humanity into twelve signs? Are there just twelve types of people? Just think about the zillions of people who inhabit this planet, are there just twelve characteristic types? Let us imagine for the sake of argument that they are just permutations and combinations of the sun sign/moon sign and ascendant. But what about animals even one cat behaves differently from the other and yet they are same in some ways.

I recall reading George Bernard Shaw's statement where he had written that all human beings are almost 90% the same and just about 10% different and it is this 10% that they focus on and assume that they are different from the rest.

I recently saw a movie called What's your Rashi( Zodiac Sign) where a boy is looking for a bride based on the twelve zodiac signs, does he marry based on that, the answer is no, he does not. He finally marries the girl who appeals to him.

Please write about your observations and experiences on this topic as the traditional Indian wisdom is very much based on that, but it exploits the fear factor and as usual can't answer intelligent questions.


  1. I really agree with you.I also think that all people cannot be classified in 12 sections,In fact I have even studied that ten people belonging to the same signs may be very different,I feel it is more fun to read about the rashis,still every one wonders,Why one a person may get along with some and not with other, ..people attribute it to the rashis whereas I attribute it to the chemicals in the body..Certain chemicals react with the other to merge a combination reaction certain decompose and some are exothermic while some others are endothermic like the relationships ...What say???

  2. That is a very interesting way of looking at things Shephali, greatly apprecite your inputs. I hope you write something about why people are attracted to each other.