Thursday, December 24, 2009

Customizing Wordpress Blog

For those people, who are self learners of the online medium , that is-- the computer and the internet, figuring out things like CSS, JAVA, HTML can be the biggest nightmare of their lives. It took me 4 months to configure blogger!
I managed to do it after I watched a video on youtube( that site is such a blessing!) I even learnt how to zip and unzip files from there. I now want to set up an online portfolio and custom design my WordPress blog. I checked youtube( it provides the best online tutorials) and found, Word Press blogging tutorial by Chris Abrahams, the tutorial is good, yet, it does not answer all my questions. I’m still looking for a good solution, to put all the relevant tabs on the blog. I might finally move over to blogger as I know how to configure blogger now.
You won’t believe it, but, I learnt to copy and paste HTML codes from all these banner ad sites, some of them are so good, they even tell you where exactly to place the HTML code.
In fact, I have configured this blog all by myself( isn’t that something to be proud of?) considering the fact, that, every time I hear the word technical I go blank. I still wish, I could find an easy solution for my Word Press online portfolio. It doesn’t even allow me to configure the header free of cost. I couldn’t find a place that would allow me to customize the fonts.
Any good Samaritan, who is reading this entry, please feel free to contact me, if you can guide me by either leaving some tips or leaving a link to some good online tutorial. I really love those articles with hyperlinks, you don’t have to type on the address bar( This computer is making us all so lazy!!) Anyways, more musings later, my quest for a WordPress tutorial is still on....

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