Friday, December 18, 2009

Degrees and Life

Today’s post is inspired by a fellow scribe’s written work, where, she stated that though we do not realize it, but, somewhere we use the knowledge we gained as a student pursuing our degree throughout life.
The passionate manner in which she expressed her thought, made me realize, that, what she said made perfect sense. The years spent pursuing a degree, or working in an office, mould our personality, in other words, set the trend for the future.
It is often said that our formative years often set the design for years to come. I know many of my friends will disagree with me and say, "this is totally wrong, 'I never studied but see how well I’m doing now”, or “I come from a poor family and see how rich I’m today", what they completely miss is the fact that those years when you did whatever you actually did, in a way set the design for your future. A person who has seen a lot of hardship due to one reason or the other actually has an ambition or a burning desire to change things.
They may choose different alternatives, or do things differently to succeed, because they so passionately want to get away from the past. A person who did not complete his/her education, realizes that he or she has a handicap so they go out of their way to succeed, similarly, those who have a degree in any subject will definitely be using it at some level-- directly or indirectly-- whether they agree or not.
Let me know what you think. Please keep the comments rolling in...


  1. as someone with only an AA degree in absolutely nothing that has done me no good and took me 10 years and lots of money to get, i don't always think a degree is necessary for one's chosen profession. would a writing degree make me a better writer? probably. but with all these chitlins around, going back to school holds no sheen for me! so i'm learning the hard way!

  2. Hi Kerrie,
    Don't ever undervalue your degree, if it took you ten years to get, it must have taught you something. We often think our degree does nothing for us, especially so when we find people who have not studied half as much doing much better financially. But remember never undermine your education it is the building block of your life.
    Even I used to feel that my degree did nothing for me...but maybe the truth is I did nothing with the degree. It's upto me what I make of that degree...your opinion on this.

  3. My diploma in individual finance has not been used by me professionally but it has provided me with the basic knowledge of economics and share market...I know what avenues of investments are there...I know it is not of much helf for now but I am sure it will be...It is very true that education whether formal or informal helps us in the long run!

  4. Thanks for sharing that info Nidhi! I'm sure your diploma in personal finance will be beneficial sooner or later. Anyways, I think it must have increased your understanding of finance. I know that I have always learnt things whatever I did.