Thursday, September 3, 2015


I was just now listening to Badi sooni sooni hai...the song never fails to touch me. Similarly whenever I listen to the song ae majhi re apna kinara nadiya ki dhara hai...I'm touched. These songs touch the very core of your being. I also love main pyasa tum sawan main dil tum meri dhadkan... also jaane kaise kab kahan ikraar ho gaya.
Among the English numbers sacrifice by Elton John never fails to move me. It is surprising how these songs move your soul. With songs in my head I can go on working for hours. Dear readers comment and share which songs move you. For my Indian readers they will immediately identify with the first four songs I have mentioned. The first two are about loneliness and the next two are romantic numbers.
Sacrifice is a special song. I love the way Elton John sings its not sacrifice just a simple word...
I'm winding up this post will write more about thoughts that come in my head.


  1. Nice to see your pasts after such a long time. I keep visiting your blog just to see whether there are any updates or not. And wow, so many posts. Reading them now. Just to let you know I enjoy reading your posts.....And I guess our taste for songs seems to be similar :).

    1. Dear Manisha,
      Thanks for liking my posts. The frequency of the posts largely depends on my getting time. Today's story was on hold for quite some time I finally finished it today. I feel our tastes in many things are similar except food and that is because I'm a vegetarian. I see a long lost friend in you. If we had been in the same section we would have been very good friends. :)