Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Inner Torment

This inner struggle
When will it end?
Will it make me a stronger human being?
Or be the end of me?
Oh! the confusion,
the self-doubt
Do I need to discover myself once again?
Or I know myself well enough
This inner torment is it guiding me to other shores?
Or reminding me to be satisfied with my lot?
If only I could find answers to these self-doubts
Ah someday I too will find my respite
Till then O mind rage on...


  1. Do I need to discover myself once again? Or Do I know myself enough?

    This will never happen for the courageous. Life is all about learning. The more you learn, the more you discover how wrong we were last year and the year before...

    The torment will continue till the day of the awakening, realization. Remember, only one in a million will be courageous enough to become a Buddha and become the light of happiness for the rest

    1. My inner torment is a struggle with myself.