Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lonely Soul

My lonely soul looks for a helping hand
A hand that I could reach out to
Will it lovingly clasp mine or shrug it aside?
Am I wallowing in self-pity?
Dry-eyed I can't be indulging in self-pity?
I'm only exposing my lonely soul
They say you are born alone and die alone
I too am aware of this
Yet my lonely soul looks for a hand that would firmly grip mine
and provide my thirsty soul moments of suffusion from the parched moments


  1. Reaching out signifies love. Shouldn't be confused with self pity. Despair, loneliness, hope are all part and parcel of our mind trying to understand life. Unlucky are those who do not experience this as they may not understand compassion, true love and real happiness.