Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making People Wait

We all hate to wait, more so, when we know we are being made to wait. I have been to a number of offices and often have found that the person incharge is never at his desk they are either on the mobile or chatting with friends or smoking, are people hired to do all this and wouldn't it be nice if these people were subjected to the same treatment, the moment they were at the receiving end. What if the bank employee the moment he steps out of office is made to wait by the parking lot attendent, while he talks on his mobile.
What if they found that their account had problems just because the other employee was careless and they have to fight a losing battle.
It is said that charity begins at home, do these people ever think this way?
Have you ever been to those interviews where you know that the person interviewing you knows nothing and if the questions he is asking the candidate in front of him were asked to him he would fumble and become as nervous or maybe more nervous than the candidate in front of him.
Often you are made to wait for 1-2 hours before the receptionist lets you in and then, how long does your interview last, maybe just about 10-15 minutes! Isn't it high time companies changed their practices and start believing that not just their time but the time of others is precious too and it is not always about acting important but often about hiring the right person for the job, who is not a person who verbalises a long agenda of what he will do for the company but actually puts that agenda into action.

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