Thursday, October 8, 2009


Do you distinguish between dilemma and confusion? Is dilemma the same as confusion? As per the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, dilemma is a situation which makes problems, often one in which you have to make a difficult choice between things of equal importance. So, is it the same as confusion? One can be confused about anything, life, choices, relationships but are we also in a dilemma at the same time? I think dilemma can arise out of confusion. Confusion can result from unclear thinking , maybe one is thinking about something else and has not paid attention to what is at hand.
A friend of mine stated that Hamlet was doomed because he was confused, I personally felt that he was in a dilemma because his near and dear ones were involved and he did not want to take an action without proof. He was doomed is another story maybe because he failed to take action when required and even when he saw the reality he did not face it. How often have you been confused or faced a dilemma? Life offers us choices at every juncture, is it always difficult to make a choice or does the dilemma arise because we want only perfection? We may know our decision but we know that every decision has some risk attached to it and maybe we want to avoid the risk? Enough musings for now ......

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