Thursday, November 5, 2009

Copywriting and testimonials

Today I'll talk about something that hits us everyday and for somebody like me I wonder do such people get any returns. Now, before you hit me with Laya what are you talking about, what hits us everyday and who are these people? Just hang on...here goes, as a kid or teenager who grew in a small town, Pune to be precise, I used to watch all these infomercials on TV and wonder wow! all the good things are sold in America, then started the phenomena of the internet and we again found similar advertisements that say, things like, I'm going to present to you, an extremely successful formula to get rid of that fat from your belly, now we all have that secret desire to lose fat and have a flat belly that resembles those models we admire, and many of us get hooked on but after trying some methods and realizing that none of them work, do people still go for these programs?
Take the example of anti-aging creams, now all women young or old have that secret desire for a luminous, healthy skin but do any of the creams deliver it? Especially the ones sold in those infomercials with all those testimonials..I can say that it is extremely entertaining to watch those ads but we already know that such super-successful formulas have not been devised then why do these people keep making similar copy-ads? Are they successful? Do they get enough returns or they just do what somebody else has done and hope to imitate their success. If anybody is listening I'd like to hear from you.....


  1. I don't believe advertisers and go by doctor's prescrition(more reliable) but many of my friends who are well educated and know that commercials often exaggerate, use these kind of products and the common fixation is with fairness creams! I think media has overpowered human mind.

  2. Nidhi, a very thoughtful observation. Indeed!media has over-powered our minds.