Friday, October 17, 2014

My Musings

I seem  to have stopped penning down my thoughts and just use my blog to write short stories. It is no longer my musings on life and other things. It is now my short stories about life. Well! I intend to get back to writing my musings. I was actually quite busy with office so I couldn't share my thoughts on anything. I now live in Mumbai, so life is busy. Very little time to think and share my thoughts.
My office keeps me busy so I am unable to think about other things. Though now I have connected with a number of friends from my school which was located in a small town I have very little time to socialize with them on facebook. Now I restrict myself to clicking like on my friend's posts. I attempted two poems also ( not my forte!) but I enjoyed writing them.
I will be writing more short stories and a book is in the pipeline. So lots of plans about life and this keeps me from writing also now I'm spending very little time on Linked in and reading other people's blogs, so I'm not reacting to anything. Well this is enough to start a conversation more musings later

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