Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Friends,
Please keep the comments rolling in. I see visitors from all over the world but for some reason they don't comment. Please leave some comments as to whether you like my blog. How are my stories and do buy my book from Amazon. This will encourage me to write further. I have views about so many things like friendship. Should one have few friends or make as many as possible. Should one share one's inner thoughts with few people or should one be an open book. I see celebrities on TV confessing their mistakes in front of millions of viewers. Does their life become difficult because of it or it remains the same and they feel lighter for having shared their problems with so many.
I like making lots of friends it makes life fun. I would love to get in touch with the readers of my blog please leave your comments and your contact information so that I can get in touch with you and in case you want to get in touch with me please contact me on laya.bajpai@gmail.com. Let this be a short post I will write more often now.

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