Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to use Online Business Networking to improve your Business Prospects?

Online networking may not have the reach of traditional media in terms of promoting or advertising your business however it manages to reach customers who are well-educated  and are able to make independent decisions. If such customers like your products or services, they will not just promote you but will come back for more. Online business networking also is a great medium to conduct market research and most views you get will be pretty honest.
Here are some methods by which you can do online business networking to market your products or services.
Firstly online business networking is a great means to research your prospective market. When you participate in online business networking communities you not just connect with others but also learn about other people’s views on things and you get to know customer needs and demands.
If your marketing strategy involves that you prove your expertise in your field then social business networking sites are a great medium to execute this. Participate in discussions, answer questions where your expertise is displayed or write blogs with your tips. Appreciate opinions expressed by others and add your views too.
Build your brand image and use the online medium to reinforce it. Every contact online is a chance to build your brand image.
Volunteer for a non-profit organization. People see you in a positive light when you associate with a non-profit cause.
Create word of mouth publicity. If you have launched a new company or product then satisfied customers who promote your product are a much better way to increase sales than any advertising campaign.
People often deal with the online medium like the traditional marketing medium but online business networking does not appreciate any kind of aggressive marketing campaigns. Here if you want to promote your products you should be adding value to your community in the form of participation in social groups, showing expertise in your chosen field by helping people and building communities. So, don’t just use people to promote your products, nurture your network.


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