Monday, January 17, 2011

Clients and Clients

In my line of work I meet all kinds of clients. Some are very professional, they know what exactly they want; they know how much they will pay, and they give you good feedback.  And then there are those who know a lot; teach you a few things while you are working with them and they appreciate you when you do good work. Give you feedback when something is wrong and are not averse to paying a bonus if they like the work.
But in this post I want to discuss those wonderful clients, who have no clear idea of what they seek from the writer. They will ask you for samples and then again ask you to write a sample copy. They will haggle over price. Some even offer $1 or $2 for a 500 word article. I wish these wonderful clients would understand that even in third world countries people do not survive on air, water and mud. This kind of money converts into nothing in Rupees.
The third kind of clients are the most interesting. They will ask for your chat id. And then will begin a chat session and start flirting with you. Ask your name, age, and if  by-any-chance they have seen your photograph and irrespective of whether   you look geeky to all your friends. They will start complimenting your looks. They will send you a few files and have no clear idea of what exactly they want. I once had one such client. I was so thrilled that I had an actual American client. However this person told me little about the work. He had  started  a new business and I was hoping he would explain it to me; so that I could translate his vision into words. However, he never did that. Instead after a few days I was introduced to his wife on the same business networking site. I do wonder about such professionals and also their family members. Do they think that people are on business networking sites to look for clients of the opposite sex? And the moment they see a client of the opposite sex they are ready to pounce on him/her. Irrespective of the fact that the person is socially and culturally from a totally different background. Lives thousands of miles away and  is married and has kids. Finally once I was introduced to the client’s wife, I didn’t get the work. Do all my fellow writers come across such professionals? I request my fellow writers to write in and share their experiences and advise me on how they deal with such people.

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