Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steps Involved in Creating Your Own Blog

The cyberspace today has more writers than it can handle. There are lots of voices in the cyber world expressing their thoughts and opinions on any and every subject. You too can join the bandwagon and have your say.
Do not assume that starting a blog is only for seasoned writers, if you feel passionately about something and you have an opinion on the subject, go right ahead, start your blog and express yourself. The internet is crammed with blogs and websites, yet, if your writing has quality, or you have a voice that stands out, go ahead, shout and there will be lots of listeners. 
Select a topic--
To start your blog begin by choosing a topic, you are passionate about. Do not worry if all the niches are taken and you already find hundreds of blogs on the same topic, start your own and if you have something unique to say or you say things differently, you will find takers.

Pick a blog service provider--
There are lots of blog service providers, depends which one you choose. One thing to bear in mind when choosing a blog service provider is its accessibility, how user friendly it is and does it allow you to export data if you plan to move your blogging services in future.
Here is a list of some prominent blog service providers-
1. Blogger.com -- is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is user friendly and allows you to move data
2. Word Press.com- This is another blogging platform that is extremely popular. This platform is not just the choice of personalized bloggers but also who use their blogs at a commercial level.
These two remain two of the most popular blogging platforms though there are several others in the running.
Design your blog
Once you have signed up for your blog and decided on a name and topic, choose a template. Each service provider has several pre-designed templates. They also allow you to import your own, especially if you are a designer or have a web designer friend, you can even use your own templates.

The internet has many sites that offer free templates for Word Press. You can do a quick search to find the one you like. Another option is if you visit a blog and you like their template, scroll down to the bottom of  the page to see the name of the designer and then click on their link.

Once you have chosen a look for your blog, you can start adding widgets or gadgets to your blog. This could be something as links to your social media profile. Widgets that allow visitors to leave comments or subscribe to your blog via email or RSS play around and gradually you will get the hang of it. Blogger even provides online tutorials on how to configure your blog.
After you have set your blog start by promoting your blog, create a social media profile that offers links to your blogs. Try doing a guest post in some of the established blogs to get a link back to your blog.
You can update your blogs via email and even your mobile phone and most of the blog service providers already provide the facility.
With all these tools at hand all you have to do is use your Google account or sign up with Word Press and start blogging.

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