Monday, September 27, 2010

Chance Meetings

We all live our lives by routine. We religiously pursue our day-to-day goals and become so engrossed in our mundane routines that we completely forget our dreams and desires. We forget to enjoy nature or the small little things that once made us happy. We never seem to have time to stand and stare.
In our present life, we so often take refuge in shopping as some kind of  a release from our daily stress. Each time I’m at a mall Shania Twain’s song, “Ka Ching,” keeps ringing in my head. We all read articles on breaking away from the daily routine, and going to a spa to relax oneself, so you spend more time in office to earn those extra bucks to pay for the spa.
What happens when in this day-to-day existence you meet somebody who reminds you of happy carefree days. Promises you a bright and happy future and you suddenly feel life would be fun. Gently reminds you of happy things and happy moments. Suddenly the new year has a great ring to it. Life seems worth living and almost perfect.
I think in such a situation one just doesn’t want to get out of that dream like state. While one continues to perform the daily duties as usual, there is a renewed vigor in you and you keep living in the happy past and promise of a happy future. Life suddenly seems worth living. It looks like dreams do come true and happiness is for everyone and you never know when good things will happen to you.

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