Thursday, August 18, 2016


I nurtured the baby.
watched his two lips suckling my nipples,
A tenderness envelopes me,
Is this motherhood?
I watch the toddler walking,
holding on to my finger for support.
Feelings surge through me,
Is this motherhood?
I watch a twelve year old walk into the house,
flinging his arms around me
feelings course my veins,
Is this motherhood?
I watch a handsome young man walking out,
leaving home in search of greener pastures
tears fall from my eyes,
Is this motherhood?
Tell me my dears,
what is motherhood?
Is it the emotions running through my veins ?
Or the toddler turning into a grown-up man,
No longer needing his mother


  1. Life is like this Laya,
    Do you think If a mother has emotions the child should not live his life.
    I feel Child also has only one life

  2. Shephali, the mother is not complaining, only questioning, what is motherhood? The emotions that ran through her veins or the reality that the child will go his own way.