Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baking a cake

On Sunday my sister and I decided to bake a cake. The process took us back in time when we used to enjoy cooking. We were at an age when everything is new and learning to bake a cake from my work experience teacher was fun. She was so particular and would tell in detail why a cake had not turned out well. We had bought a round oven at home and did many experiments with baking. My sister used to bake a pie by mixing besan in the dough. It was a novelty and one can call it fusion cooking as it gave an Indian flavor to an otherwise western dish.
I can call the exercise almost therapeutic as it transported us back in time to the days when our family was a single unit. Everything was fun. Life was full of family and friends. I was studying in the 12th grade. Studies were important and a major chunk of our time went pursuing our studies.
Today there are no studies. Books have taken a backseat. I grew up in an era when reading books was a loved pastime. Life is not bad now but we miss the good old days when experimenting with cooking gave us thrills and an outing was a rare occasion which meant eating out. Today almost everyday we go out and the activity has lost its charm. How I wish the good old days would come back meanwhile I relive the moments listening to Carpenters, when I was young I listened to the radio waiting for my favorite song...


  1. I agree with you experimenting was a great fun. Every new dish we cooked was a Aha moment. Yes I remember the Pie I baked using Besan and that was to bridge the two generations. Yes I mean Papa and we children.
    I am happy that it worked, Papa also loved the fusion and I remember in Hospital in his last days he mentioned that he loved that and I feel proud and satisfied of the beautiful relationship we all shared. Agree it was therapeutic.

  2. Thank you Shephali for the wonderful thoughts. Having you as a sister has been a great experience. Your enthusiastic ways are infectious and I cherish the time spent with you.