Friday, August 1, 2014

Smita Matures ( A short story)

Smita looked at the dark clouds, the weather was romantic. She interlinked her arms with Amol's and told him she wanted him to kiss her neck. They were in the marketplace, Amol was embarrassed by her request. He told her how could he comply with this strange request in the marketplace. Smita said she was just expressing her desire to comply or not was Amol's wish. So Amol gently bent and kissed her neck. She got turned on and began moaning gently. Amol straightened her and reminded her that the shopkeeper was looking. They walked hand in hand. Then went into a shop. Amol told her he wanted to buy a top for her. They had been seeing each other for a month and the prospect of a gift pleased her. She was not greedy but she saw it as a proof that Amol loved her. These were early days of their courtship and Smita liked the attention Amol showered on her.
Amol liked Smita's looks. He found her pretty and had told her so many times during their short courtship. Smita belonged to an affluent family whereas Amol was not so well off. He however was confident that by his hard work he would earn enough to manage  a comfortable living for both of them. He however had a problem his mother did not like Smita, whenever Smita called up at his house she used to give the phone to Amol but she used to make a face. Smita meanwhile was blissfully unaware of Amol's mother's feelings towards her. She thought his mom was very strict and was scared of her.
Amol meanwhile got a job in Australia and left forAustralia He ceased contacting Smita and this worried Smita. She would sit alone in her room and cry her parents were worried about her. They asked her to take up a job but Smita refused. She didn't like working. Amol had also asked her to take up a job but Smita didn't like working. She preferred staying at home and learning cooking.
Once Amol left somebody put Smita's phone number on a dating site and she started getting calls from men on the dating site. She wrote to Amol but he had totally changed he told her gruffly that if she didn't stop harassing him  he would break up with her. This upset Smita all the more but she held on to her tears and decided to teach Amol a lesson.
She totally cut off from Amol, took up a job and started working. Amol meanwhile visited India and contacted Smita. She told him that she was busy with her job and would like to break up with him because her parents were annoyed with him. Amol was taken aback. He had thought he was very special to Smita and she would tolerate anything he did. He said sorry and begged to meet her. Smita met him on one condition that he would not try to woo her further.
After much fuss Smita gave Amol a time and told him that she would like to break up with him. She respected her family too much and would not go against her parents wishes. Amol was taken aback. He had thought that Smita would be very much impressed with him as he had been to Australia. But Smita didn't care, she just remembered how he had changed since he left for Australia. She wondered whether success changed everybody then she thought of Mohan her office friend who was successful and also from an affluent family but had never treated anybody rudely. Mohan was married and had a cute two year old kid. He was Smita's colleague.
Smita decided to continue with her job and not pin all her hopes for happiness on marriage. She allowed it to happen and her parents were happy with her.

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